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December 14, 2022

The Home Recordings (CD - RCA / Sony, 1999)

The Home Recordings
RCA / Sony [07863 67676 2]
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Home Recording
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Official discography
December 1956 - 1967
March 9, 1999

The Home Recordings was the first official compilation to feature complete and unreleased amateur recordings made by Elvis and his friends over a eleven-year period. It contains audio captured both at Elvis' homes in the US and Germany and at friends' homes.

For a long time, RCA lost the opportunity to compile home recordings of Elvis for fear that the public would not identify with the material and that, for this reason, the sales of their records would be harmed. At most, the label released one or two unpublished excerpts in a box or compilation, although fans already knew them from bootlegs that had been released since the 1970s, such as the famous 1978's "Forever Young, Forever Beautiful" LP, the first to bring the complete recordings at Eddie Fadal's house on May 17, 1958 to fans.

This policy of not trying anything new finally ended in 1998, when the VIK label released "Greetings From Germany", which contained home recordings from 1958 and 1959 in Germany, and was a huge sales success. Immediately RCA ransacked its vaults to create an even more comprehensive work that would bring unreleased material on official records. In order to cover recordings not used by VIK, the label put together material from 1956, other themes from 1958/59 and a large batch of previously unreleased audio from 1960 and 1966/67 for a release that would be definitive in terms of Elvis' home recordings.

"The Home Recordings" was released on March 9, 1999 with 22 tracks, 15 of which were previously unreleased. The work was well received by fans and the general public, but did not reach high positions on the charts. The included booklet was also not as inspired as works by Memphis Recording Service (MRS) and RCA itself, like the excellent "Memories" from the previous year. Since then, releases of the type have been left to MRS.

Below is a review of the CD.

- 1. When the Saints Go Marchin' in [December 1956]: Already hired by RCA and at the height of his worldwide fame, Elvis began looking for a house to live with his parents, and one such location was on Audubon Drive in Memphis, where he spent most of his time until he bought Graceland the following year. Here Elvis makes a short intimate version of the classic Gospel released previously in the box "Platinum: A Life in Music", from 1997. From that same tape would come "Home Sweet Home", sung by Gladys, which remained unreleased until 2018.

- 2. I Understand Just How You Feel [May 17, 1958] [Previously unreleased]: When he was called up to serve in the US Army, on March 24, 1958, Elvis went to Waco, Texas, to begin his training at Fort Hood. He was soon given permission to rent a house at 2807 Lasker Avenue, right next to the home of DJ Eddie Fadal, where in the final days of his stay he took Anita for a birthday party. Eddie turned on his tape recorder and recorded Elvis entertaining his friends. His smooth and powerful voice joins the piano in a rather adorable version.

- 3. I Asked the Lord [December 1958] [Previously unreleased]In Germany, while still staying at the Hotel Grunewald, Elvis and his friends made two recordings in December 1958, one with the singer playing the guitar and another with him at the piano. This version comes from the second session and is take 3, used as Master by RCA from now on, which Elvis starts off by playing a few bars of "Jingle Bells". Elvis has always performed Gospel songs with all the adoration and quality possible and here is no different.

- 4. I'm Beginning to Forget You [[December 1958]: After hearing Vernon's version, Elvis picks up the guitar and delivers his rendition after a few attempts and incomplete takes. This is the interpretation originally released by RCA in 1983's "A Legendary Performer, Vol. 4".

- 5. Mona Lisa [April 1959]: Another from "A Legendary Performer, Vol. 4", shows all the versatility of Elvis' voice, approaching the original rendition of Nat King Cole.

- 6. Hands Off [November 1960]: A small sample of what would become the medley "Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off of Her" recorded in 1970 and included on the LP "Love Letters From Elvis" the following year.

- 7. Make Believe [November 1960]: Nancy Sharp strikes a near-perfect harmony with Elvis, who instructs her on how to sing her parts. The drama of the song fits well with the singer's personality.

- 8. If I Loved You [February 1966]: In his mansion in Rocca Place, Los Angeles, Elvis sings with friends as he takes refuge from RCA's demands in early 1966. The singer laughs and is genuinely enjoying himself with his guests. The ballad is excellent in his voice.

- 9. What Now My Love [February 1966]: Very different from the orchestrated version we would get used to hearing from 1972 onwards, here Elvis is at the piano and is accompanied by the harmony of Red West and Charlie Hodge. At least a great and differentiated version.

- 10. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds [February 1966]: An almost professional quality recording, it is one of the best renderings of this work. Elvis and Charlie work on the lyrics and harmony almost to perfection for practically 5 minutes that are magnificent to the ears.

- 11. San Antonio Rose [February 1966]: A saloon tone permeates the rendition. Elvis' good mood shows that everything is as he wanted.

- 12. Tennessee Waltz [February 1966]: One of the most famous southern ballads is played smoothly until Elvis loses concentration and laughs at one of his famous improvised puns. Upon regaining attention, what you hear is a beautiful rendition of an immortal regional classic (until Elvis again decides to make puns, of course).

- 13.  Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord [February 1966]: Of the 4 Gospel songs from that session, this is the only one that appears in this work. As usual, Elvis goes all out when it comes to praise.

- 14. After Loving You [February 1966]: Eddie Miller's hit is interpreted to the letter and points to what would be one of the great official recordings of Elvis in 1969, released on the album "From Elvis in Memphis".

- 15. I've Been Blue [February 1966]: Red West's composition, the first of three on this CD, is a simple and very mellow ballad.

- 16. Mary Lou Brown [February 1966]: Red's second is another ballad.

- 17. It's No Fun Being Lonely [February 1966]: West's third and last in this work, shows that Elvis' friend is also a great ballad writer.

- 18. Suppose [1967]: We jump to some point in early 1967 to hear an acetate of what would become known as the "long version" or "#3" of the song. The shorter studio version, in addition to the version heard in the movie "Clambake", were the only ones known for a long time, until this acetate was found.

- 19. Indescribably Blue [June 1966]: Back to 1966, we hear Elvis putting his voice to a track in his Los Angeles mansion at the request of RCA, which would release it on a single the following year.

- 20. Write to Me From Naples [1966]: Lifted straight from the original acetate, this recording has a lot of damage, but it shows that it would have been another Elvis hit if it had been released.

- 21. My Heart Cries For You [1966]: Although the acetate is in good quality, the music is a little too melodramatic.

- 22. Dark Moon (Take 1) [1966]: Another one that would easily achieve success if released, it's a more comforting ballad than the previous one. Acetate in great quality further enhances the experience.



December 1956; May 17, 1958; December 21-31, 1958; April 1959; November 1960; 1966/67

1034 Audubon Drive
Eddie Fadal's Residence
Room 10, Grunewald Hotel
14 Goethestrasse
525 Perugia Way
10550 Rocca Place

 Memphis, Tennessee
Waco, Texas
Bad Nauheim, Germany
Bel Air, Los Angeles

December 1956
Voice: Elvis Presley, Gladys Presley, Red West, Arthur Hooten
Piano: Elvis Presley

May 17, 1958
Voice: Elvis Presley, Anita Wood, Eddie Fadal
Piano: Elvis Presley

December 21-31, 1958 / April 1959
Voice: Elvis Presley, Red West, Lamar Fike, Cliff Gleaves
Piano: Elvis Presley
Guitar: Elvis Presley

November 1960
Voice: Elvis Presley, Red West, Nancy Sharpe
Piano: Elvis Presley

Voice: Elvis Presley, Charlie Hodge, Red West
Piano: Elvis Presley

                            Home Sweet Home (Gladys Presley)
                            When The Saints Go Marching In WPA5 2588

MAY 17, 1958
                            Sail Along Silvery Moon / I Understand Just How You Feel
                            Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
                            I Can't Help it
                            Who's Sorry Now
                            Who's Sorry Now (Reprise)
                            Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Reprise)
                            Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Reprise 2)
                            Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Reprise 3)
                            Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Reprise 4)
                            Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (Reprise 5)
                            Tumblin' Tumbleweeds / Blue Moon / Don't You Know I Love You?
                            Tomorrow Night 
                            Tomorrow Night (Reprise)
                            Little Darlin'
                            Just a Closer Walk With Thee

                            You'll Never Walk Alone (Incomplete)
                            If I Loved You FRA1 8108
                            The Lords Prayer / If I Loved You (Reprise)
                            I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder (CPA5 5197) OPA5 8208
                            An Evening Prayer (Incomplete) FRA1 8111 (CPA5 5199)
                            Make Believe CPA5 5196
                            She Wears My Ring CPA5 5200
                            Sweet Leilani (#1) FRA1 8107
                            Sweet Leilani (#2) FRA1 8107
                            Sweet Leilani (Reprise)
                            Beyond the Reef (Incomplete) FRA1 8106
                            When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano CPA5 5198
                            He CPA5 5199
                            Hands Off CPA5 5195
                            Lawdy, Miss Clawdy (Incomplete) FRA1 8109

                            After Loving You CPA5 5154
                            If I Loved You CPA5 5155
                            Beyond the Reef CPA5 5160
                            Show Me Thy Ways, O' Lord CPA5 5159
                            Tumblin' Tumbleweeds CPA5 5157
                            Hide Thou Me (Rock of Ages)(#1) CPA5 5167
                            Hide Thou Me (Rock of Ages)(#2) CPA5 5167
                            It's No Fun Being Lonely CPA5 5162
                            San Antonio Rose CPA5 5158
                            Tennessee Waltz (#1) CPA5 5152
                            Tennessee Waltz (#2) CPA5 5152
                            I've Been Blue CPA5 5161
                            Mary Lou Brown CPA5 5163
                            Moonlight Sonata CPA5 5168
                            Blue Hawaii FRA1 8113
                            Oh, How I Love Jesus (#1) CPA5 5151
                            Oh, How I Love Jesus (#2) CPA5 5151
                            I, John (Incomplete) FRA1 8112
                            Be My Love (Acetate)
                            Baby, What You Want Me to do (Incomplete) (Acetate)
                            Write to Me From Naples (Acetate) OPA5 8217
                            My Heart Cries For You (Acetate) OPA5 8212
                            Dark Moon (Take 1) (Acetate) OPA5 8213
                            Dark Moon (Take 2) (Acetate) OPA5 8213
                            Nobody's Child (Acetate)




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